Writing and Publications

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Author/Participant – WikiSprint – Mapping Festival, Geneva Switzerland

May 2010

Invited scholar/author in collaborative writing project at the Mapping Festival, authoring definitive online and print materials about contemporary international motion graphics, VJing, and interactive art. Our work was published as a book available on Greyscale Press, and an audio reading is available on the Wikipedia page for VJing.

Author/Researcher/Presenter: “DJs’ Perspectives on Awareness and Interaction in Nightclubs”

June 2006

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Peer-reviewed paper publication in conjunction with the international ‘Designing Interactive Systems’ conference. The paper is about my research regarding interactivity and awareness between DJs and audiences in nightclub environments, tailored for the international Human-Computer Interaction design community.

Author/Presenter: “The Politics of Self-Representation in the Creation of Primary Documents in the Saskatchewan Electronic Music Scene and Beyond”

May 2006

Paper publication in conjunction with the IASPM Canada National Conference about the politics and methods of recording local Saskatchewan electronic music cultural history.

Author: “Doing the Snoezelen Room on a Budget”

Spring 2001

Feature cover article writer for the Saskatchewan Autism Treatment Services’ quarterly newsletter. The article published was about Dutch Snoezelen sensory therapy and the construction of such a space in a local group home.

Student Essays

These are quite old now, but I hope you find the work interesting.