Chlorophillinhale - by Carrie Gates and YUNG PHARAOH (aka Kevin Carey)

Screening Videos

Many of the videos that I create are available for screenings. Below is a selection of some of my videos that are often played at festivals and exhibitions, but any of my videos on Vimeo or YouTube are available for showings. I would also be more than happy to create new work for your event. Contact me through email if you would like to screen my work at your gallery, festival, online exhibition, or special event.

Selected Videos for Screenings

Abducted for Life

Carrie Gates and Venetian Snares, 2015

Reflection on One and the Nebula (silent)

Carrie Gates, 2017


Carrie Gates and YUNG Pharaoh (aka Kevin Carey), 2014


Carrie Gates and Annie Hall, 2014


Carrie Gates and Ether Fiend, 2014

Kisik Acimowina

Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Michael Red, 2013


Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn, 2013

Pizzabook turns your facebook into pizza

Carrie Gates and YUNG Pharaoh (aka Kevin Carey), 2014

A portrait of a portrait of a portrait of NN

Carrie Gates and Zebbler Encanti Experience, 2013

Rihanna’z Diamondz – ca$hpunk remix

Carrie Gates, 2012


Carrie Gates for Geiger and Mz Sunday Luv, 2012

Dirty Two Minutes With You

Carrie Gates and Phlegm Gadget (aka Jon Vaughn), 2011


Carrie Gates and VC Vibes (Jon Vaughn), 2011

Screening Highlight

Blue Balls Festival 7 Hour Audiovisual Mix

Urs Leirier from the Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, commissioned me to create a seven hour HD audiovisual mix. The video was looped for the entire duration of the week-long festival  in the open-air rooftop Video Lounge in the KKL. This respected jazz festival was celebrating not only it’s 20th anniversary, but also the attendance of over 100 000 people. I commissioned DJs to create custom mixes for me to use in the project, including Sarah AdorableDreamaniacCheeky, Helium 3, DJ Mehta, and Dr. J.