Carrie Gates Featured in "My Music" Article in Planet S Magazine

“My Music” Article in Planet S and Prairie Dog Magazine with Carrie Gates

Lovely fun was had when I put together this list of some of my favourite all time songs for Gregory Beatty’s “My Music” feature column for Saskatoon’s Planet S Magazine and Regina’s Prairie Dog Magazine (in the Hallowe’en edition, no less!)! The article is featured in both the print and online editions of both magazines, so pick up a paper copy if you still can, or read the articles online at Planet S or Prairie Dog.

Final Song Selections

Carrie Gates - FBI Warning Hat 2018

Carrie Gates – FBI Warning Hat 2018

Silver Rocket

Sonic Youth

Daydream Nation, 1988

This is a killer song about the power of music. Sometimes the music you love feels like gasoline thrown into the fire of your heart, but you control it. I’ll admit that I’m often guilty of putting too much value on a person’s perspective about this album when dating.

The Way I Move

Jody Breeze

Eezy Breezy Beautiful, 2010

This influential cover of Sade’s “Cherish the Day” track is an oddly slow & romantic classic in the footwork and juke music scene. Juke and footwork music originates from the Chicago breakdance and rave scene and is designed to inspire dancers to show their fanciest footwork at battles.


John Cage


This song is an experimental composition that instructs a pianist to sit at a piano during a performance without touching the piano for the duration of 4 minutes and 33 seconds, letting the sound of the audience reaction be the music. It has been covered by many artists.


Scream Club, Nicky Click, and Joey Casio

Don’t Bite Your Sister, 2004

This super fun track is all about popping pimples on the one you love. Nicky Click and Scream Club are sweet pals of mine who have made so much amazing hip hop and dance music about queer identity, love, and life. This is their most playful track and it never fails to make me giggle.

565, Where Are You?

The Z.A.C.K.

Disco Cosmix, 1979

I found this epic Italo disco album on vinyl in the early 90s and it was the first song I ever played on my old radio show “Deep Nocturnal Trance Missions” over 20 years ago. GROOVY!

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