El Observator - The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale

“Kisik Acimowina” video still featured in Uruguay’s “El Observador” article on The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale”

A video still from a recent project I completed with Jason Baerg and Michael Red was just featured in a newspaper article in Uruguay!

Kisik Acimowina – by Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Michael Red from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.

Translation below from Spanish using Google Translate

(warning! the translation is pretty rough!!)

• • •
Sunday 4 November’s 2013
The Wrong is a biennial art digital unprecedented calls for more than 500 artists from around the
world . The proposal has embassies in 12 cities including Montevideo is
:: ; Special to The Observer
. . : J = .. : t • – i \ … . . . . ,: • • ; i1i11 .., – rj · · :: ~ j . . .
ew tools
and co- forn1as
1n or n icaci6n have
resulted hist6 ·
richly innovations
the an1bitos of creaci6n and
expresi6n .
Literature as
Today is conceived by eje1nplo ,
would not have been possible without
First there had been the
writing, and then c6dice
later printing in
the tecnol6gico sense . And all
this also influy6 in surgin1iento
intellectual property and the consequent
noci6n copyright .
The Internet popularizaci6n
and how easy it is
use many of the technologies
Digital have given
a new state of light ! art
dual nature.
For one ! Ado , to the extent
circulating in our lives
every time you n1as by the network,
Most people have
fam illarizado with language
digital .
This results in
16gica creators
make increasing use
on , and use the platforms
and ways of acting archetypal
Internet .
The remix or play with
the informatic error ( term
English queen has popularizadocon1og \
itch ) are currency
current change in the new
generaci6n of a digital rte .
This we used to
the workings of the Internet ,
and yet still
surprising that talk of digital art .
An aesthetic experience
based on the intangible, interactive
and especially outside
museum is to Igo I extraflo
for most of the amateur Swim
the visual arts .
On November 1
is the first edici6n inaugur6
The Wrong – New Digital
Art Biennale. Although proclaims
as a biennial , this
1nas event it is immeasurable
artifact 1nutante
that will remain alive until
December 31 .
His head is located at
www.thewrong.org , headquarters
where accessible virtual
at 30 pabel I ones , and
rely on their extre1nidades
12 distincas cities .
These embassies !
real world are New York,
Melbourne , Valencia , Los Angeles,
Milan , Rio de Janeiro or
Montevideo, yen sf they will be able
visited exhibitions
and performances in a style
more “traditional” .
In total , 500 re1ine 1nas
artists, 300 of them were
specially invited by
David Quiles, the di rector, or
each of the curators
Ios pavilions.
The rest , something nThe 200 ,
have been joined on the
march, after approval
the organizaci6n . works
ranging from several variances
delglitch , a three-dimensional works
generative and fractals,
niontones gi ffs , animations
of all kinds , digital poetry ,
en1bebidos projects in
dinan1ica social networks or painting.
The Wrong answers
the 16gica ‘s own digital rte
Born in an environment without
borders, with no shortage of conten
gone, de1nocratico and accessible
and share with internee
u n is pi juguet6n spirit already
expressed in their own non1bre :
its readable traducci6n
con10 Error – Biennial on
new digital, or without
screenplay . err6nea biennial co mo
back to digital rte .
David Quiles, Spanish born
in Alicante in 1973, is
the father of this creature polymorphic .
Adventurer Art
contemporary , in the past
capitane6 the magazine ic6nica
Red and dirigi6 festival
Nova conte1nporanea culture ,
held for five editions
Brasi I. With this new
initiative promotes and hacedialogar
an art that
definjci6n says the director ,
is ” easier, faster ydirecto .
The conventional art needs
structures , museums,
nslitucio i nes , i nvestment
millions. The new digital rte
propagates the new
media , being much accessible girls
as conventional .
Being no longer depends arcista
cus sponsors, but purely
of your work. ” In this
you po expressions there is some
reivindicaci6n , and adds: ” If the
hacking is the new graffiti , the
Digital art is the new Street
art , “and states that ” a
Folk Art with a potential
inmensode reach a mass
impossible queantesera publicoal
of Jlegar porvolumen ,
speed, and language. ”
Thus , The \ . Vrong is
contrast , ta! as explained
Quiles, to what ” seentiende
by right in the world
of ! art .
The format of the works,
how to display or

the 1nedios used to
generate them. The right to
c6mo have meaning
to do what you have to
do to make the rnercado
consider you part of art
This ” .
This biennial exist feeds
and relies on the Internet ,
and therefore works with your
rn to 16gica ism .
Browse for her , as
with the network, has a somewhat
wreck , and if you donot
rut plan to clear one can
end ” intoxicated ” adernas
to confuse and aturclido .
So , to get around the
The online headquarters is Wrong
needed ( or not ) con1prender
its funcionan1iento . entering
to the main page is found
non1bres in several
rnayusculas .
The green , red or blue
are projects , platforms,
applications or sites of interest
The Wrong related .
Blacks are different
virtual pavilions, which
n has been produced and coordinated
by curators and artists
of prin1era lfnea invited by
the mo my head .
Within each
they may find a introducci6n
conceptual, as! horn
varies the works of selected artists
presented in different environments
and through various
David Quiles says that “the idea
embassy was a point
of conexi6n IRL ( in real acronym
world) for That people qui ·
siera experience the biennial
conventional manner could
do it. Simultaneously, the
embassies could add your
Local content more and open a
igital nod to door to do that I
who wants to go slowly . ”
In the case of Montevideo, the
Embassy has been driven by
Rompido ( www.rompido.org ), the
first group of Glitch Art
in Uruguay , which is integrated
by Lael Aguiar and Soffa Brener .
These two artist as spe · d igitales
ran, with this initiative, contribute
to create a public and a scene
in this country .
The wrong is fragmented .
just as it is the
Embassy Montevideo. the
pr6ximo was inaugurated Friday 29 ·
Gourara in the Laboratory
Transverse Languages ​​(San
Salvador 1471 ) with a space
several interactive installations
Fernando Foglino , Cooptrol ,
Mark Gimenez , Mark Umpie ·
rrez or Barbiera and Ana Maria Pilar
Tucci. The next day, Saturday
30 , from the 19 hour
· submit several performan
ces iovisuales aud in theater
Fa I cu of the Art tad is ( 18
July 1772 ) , and by Fab_B
Cooptrol , Selectorchico , and Juan
Manuel Pablo Ruetalo and Berocay .
v to end the weekend
Sunday 10th of December
will do the vernissage of exhibici6n
of graphic works in Pear
Goma ( Wilson Ferreira Aldunate
1140 ) , to present the work
Augusto Giovanetti , Daniel
Ferreira, Federico Lagomarsino ,
Lrigoye Francisco , Jarbu . maxi
Contenti and Santiago Albano .
. ~
c12.tr1 ? Zt- n o- r -l ‘
J = ‘ . Expiring Senchtmol o ..
< V11 ~ Qf ~ 9
navegaci6n forms .
The pavilions vedete
presents rnitades of
November, is called
Meta, and is cured by
own director , which exposes
the works of the 29 curators
selected for the rest
his pavilion more
own .
In the antipodes of this ,
Ueno but Goodie , this
Lab Homesotasis a pabell6n
Unlimited open to the public ,
featuring works by artists
interested in participating in
biennial , but had not
selected by any
Curator . •

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