Ectocism - By Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn

Ectocism – Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn

Video by Carrie Gates
Sound by Jon Vaughn
Illustrations by Jon and Carrie

Visceral and mind-melting, Ectocism takes you on a freestyle trek through a realm of blinged-out slime and gut-wrenching visual drama. The mangled electronic sounds are derived from Vaughn’s signature no-input mixing board sounds and intensified by a painfully precise computerized madness. Illustrations are animated with sound frequency mapping, motion paths, varied 3D parameters, and live manual manipulation by Gates with both serendipitous glitchery and programmatic strategy.

Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn have been collaborating for more than ten years, performing together in many experimental audiovisual projects, expressing a rich spectrum of vivid non-linear narratives. Over this time, they have developed an innate sense of each other’s improvisational flow and conceptual spaces.

Performance highlights include the Sight & Sound Festival (Montréal, 2012), the Vancouver New Music Festival (Vancouver, 2011), the RE:FLUX Festival (Moncton, 2011), the Neutral Ground New Music Series (Regina, 2007), and send + receive (Winnipeg, 2006). Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn first performed Ectocism live at ģ̶Ł̶1̶ɫ̶C̶ʮ̶Δ┌┼—\/\/\/\/\/\/!┬—jonCates” hosted by the Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum in September of 2013 in Regina, SK. The duo continue to create new works with plans of more performances and exhibitions in the future.

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