DU-VHS - Detroit Underground App - Inverted Wasteland by Carrie Gates and Kero

Detroit Underground’s New “DU-VHS” App Features Work by Carrie Gates

Mega into this new video art app by DETROIT UNDERGROUND that the video “Inverted Wasteland” that I made with Kero Detund and the video “Slice” that I made with Annie Hall are featured on!!! Tons of wicked video art and music to take in. This is definitely something you should check out.


Du-VHS is an uninterrupted stream of music videos and artist live-sets from the continually cutting-edge Detroit Underground. A visual mega dose of original creative content that explores a vast spectrum of electronic genres and spans nearly 20-years of renegade music.

This carefully curated collection encapsulates the DU sound and is accompanied by video art ranging from hypnagogic blur, inverted pop culture and the sublimely abstract. Essential back catalog and newly released content is being added regularly. #DUVHS


Here is the video “Inverted Wasteland” that I made with DJ Kero that is featured on the app!

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