Urban Jungle - Denver Digerati - May 20 2017

“Chlorophillinhale” at “Urban Jungle” in Denver

In conjunction with the artist Konstantin Dimopoulos’ upcoming major outdoor art installation “The Blue Trees” in Denver, Colorado, host The Denver Theatre District has asked Denver Digerati to support the communities Family Fun Day on May 21st with a curated program of motion-based artworks. “Urban Jungle – Can Art Save the World?” is an approximately 45 minute program that will be presented free to the public at Noon on the District’s largest outdoor L.E.D. screen, prominently located in the heart of downtown Denver at 14th and Champa Street. Since 2011 Denver Digerati has hosted some of the world’s most extraordinary artists with regular public presentations on the screen through the “Friday Flash” series and most recently through “Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival.” Denver is the only city in the world currently utilizing outdoor L.E.D. screens in a positive capacity that advances a network of artists and creatives specializing in motion-art and digital techniques. Denver Digerati is the future of Public Art.

Konstantin Dimopoulos takes an urban landscape with which you are familiar and changes it into something surreal, unfamiliar, even uncomfortable. We are creatures who like certainty – and we become disconcerted when our environment changes. Yet we have altered and destroyed much of the global environment. It is easy to restore the trees we have colored blue back to their natural state. Yet the primordial Old Forests that are hundreds of years old are still disappearing at an alarming rate with no option of restoration, and with this destruction we have caused the extinction of countless species of other flora and wildlife. Old Forests are the lungs of the earth, providing much of the oxygen we breathe. Yet only some 30 percent remain. The Blue Trees is part of a wider question that Kon asks – Can Art Save The World? Maybe not on its own, but it can generate thinking and discussion throughout the global community as a means to highlight social and environmental issues and raise social consciousness.


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