Image: Still from "Zodiacal Light" by Leyla Majeri & Katherine Kline (2012)

Carrie Gates Screened at VIVO for QUIET CITY VIDEO BAR

I wish I could be in Vancouver in person for this show at VIVO, curated by my good friend Constantine Katsiris!

SEPT 27 〓 QUIET CITY PRESENTS VIDEO BAR Programmed by Constantine Katsiris Works by

✖ Julia Staudach & Peter Kutin (Vienna)

✖ Joda Clement & Jubal Brown (Toronto)

✖ Leyla Majeri & Katherine Kline (Montreal)

✖ Gary James Joynes (Edmonton)

✖ Carrie Gates & Jon Vaughn (Saskatoon)

For the September edition of Video Bar, local artist Constantine Katsiris has assembled a special playlist for screening in main studio at VIVO. The programme consists of experimental videos by media artists from across Canada, as well as two special guests from Austria. As the director of both the PANOSPRIA label and the QUIET CITY concert series, Constantine has selected artists active in the fields of electroacoustic, noise, and experimental music, emphasizing focus on the soundtracks of these pieces as much as on the visual aspect.

Programme //

[9pm — Part 1]
  • Leyla Majeri & Katherine Kline – Zodiacal Light [8:54]
  • Julia Staudach & Peter Kutin – Storb [8:40]
  • Gary James Joynes – Wavedrifting No.1 [6:47]
  • Carrie Gates & Jon Vaughn – Dirty Two Minutes With You [2:09]
[10pm — Part 2]
  • Joda Clement & Jubal Brown – The Narrows [35:15]

Links //

Video //

Here is the video Constantine is screening:

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