Flip for Femme - Carrie Gates - Chlorophillinhale - June 29 2016

Berlin’s “Flip for Femme” Event Screening “Chlorophillinhale” by Carrie Gates and Kevin Carey at Raumerweiterungshalle

Sadie Lune and Coral Short join forces to present you with a selection of work that celebrates all that is femme at Raumerweiterungshalle. Femininity will be revered. Even worshipped. Sadie and Coral unearth filmic femme treasures and show them to you in the glittering darkness. Femme admirers welcome.

Mercredi 29 juin à 19:0021:00 (UTC+02)

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  • Zachary Hutchinson (Chicago)
  • Shawné Michaelain Holloway (Paris)
  • Carrie Gates (Saskatoon)
  • Benjamin Yavuzsoy (Hamburg)
  • Siobhan Aluvalot (San Francisco)
  • Ellen Nielsen (Chicago)
  • Lasse Långström (Gothenburg)
  • Kami Chisholm (Toronto)
  • Francesca Fini (Rome) TBC
  • Celeste Chan (San Francisco)
  • Jess Dobkin (Toronto) TBC
  • Damien Luxe (Brooklyn)

Our amazing venue this month! http://www.raumerweiterungshalle.net

Coral Short’s next curation on August 1st is called Pumped. It is a part of contesting/contexting SPORT w NGBK Berlin, funded by the Canadian Embassy & supported by COVEN BERLIN.


Watch Chlorophillinhale

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