The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale

The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale is an international exhibition of internet influenced artwork from 500+ artists. The event takes place every two years and includes both online web pavilions (each hosted by a curator) and physical exhibitions in galleries around the world.

The Wrong – 2013/14

For the 2013/14 edition, I created two videos Kisik Acimowina (with Jason Baerg and Michael Red) and Ectocism (with Jon Vaughn) and showed them in Anthony Antonellis‘ pavillion Young Internet Based Artists (YIBA). Check out Anthony’s promotional video for the pavilion, it’s great!

The Wrong – 2015/16

For the latest edition of The Wrong, I worked closely with David Quiles Guilló as a Council Advisory member behind the scenes on several aspects of the project. I also launched the project Net Art Ipsum as part of one of the artworks in the pavilion curated by Benoit Palop. Check out The Wrong’s Facebook page for updates.