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Interview in ARTslant

September 6, 2017

“Wednesday Web Artist of the Week” feature interview by Christian Petersen.

Read the article on the ARTslant website here.

Update: ARTslant is going to be shutting down soon! R.I.P.! <3 However, you can keep an eye out for more awesome stuff that Christian Peterson is involved with over at i want you studio and Digital Sweat Gallery.

Interview in Kindred Cities

August 7, 2016
Saskatoon, Canada

Artist feature interview by Jennifer Sparrowhawk. Read the article on the Kindred Cities website here.

Interview for Undervolt & Co.

November, 2015

Artist feature interview by Rea McNamara. Read the article on the Undervolt & Co. website here.

Interview for Vidéographe – “Entrevue avec Carrie Gates – Unbecoming Glitch”

June 5, 2015
Montréal, Canada

Vidéographe et SOIL Média Art & Technology / Neutral Ground présentent « Unbecoming Glitch », sous le commissariat de Brenda Cleniuk, est une installation d’art médiatique à trois personnes qui regroupe des œuvres nouvellement commandées à des artistes travaillant sur la phénoménologie du “glitch” – ses formes, représentations et trajectoires.

Le Glitch art est l’esthétisation d’erreurs analogiques ou numériques, par corruption de données ou manipulations d’appareils électroniques

Le travail de Carrie Gates appartient à un courant de popularisation de l’imagerie et du son dans les arts médiatiques. Sa démarche, décrite comme combinant “des images du divin avec l’inattendu”, cherche l’ordre dans le chaos, où l’art sonore réagis à la décomposition des images par le “glitch”.

Interview in Akimbo’s “Hit List”

May 4, 2014
Toronto, Canada

Brief interview about what I’m up to and a list of 5 things I love and why I love them Read the Akimbo Hit List interview online here.

Interview in VICE’s “The Creator’s Project”

March 12, 2014
Berlin, Germany

Artist feature interview by Nadja Sayej. Read the interview “Warping Michelangelo Paintings And Pizza Into Video Art Is One Of Carrie Gates’ Many Skills” here on The Creator’s Project website.

Interview in Flow Magazine called “Wow Factor Women”

March 4, 2013
Saskatoon, Canada

Interview in Flow Magazine about interesting women in the Saskatoon entrepreneurship and creative community by Amanda-Lynn Williams and Paul Miazga. View the publication online here or download the PDF and go to page 15 to see my profile interview.

 Interview on “Meet the Artists” Swiss Television Talk Show

July 23, 2012
Lucerne, Switzerland

Interview in conjunction with my 7 hour HD audiovisual presentation at the Blue Balls Festival. Hosted by Hannes Hugs. My interview starts at 3:16.

The CBC We Want

October 2012

Interview in conjunction with my panel presentation at the Saskatoon Frances Morrison Public Library in conjunction with the Friends of CBC.

Motion Notion Festival Documentary, 2011

Interviewed live alongside DJ/Producer/VJ Encanti for a documentary about the Motion Notion Festival.

On Campus News, University of Saskatchewan

May 8, 2009

Cover story in On Campus News (University of Saskatchewan) discussing recent award for educational gaming for the “PATH Games” educational gaming suite for the College of Medicine.

Musicworks Magazine

June 2009

Feature article in Musicworks magazine on my experimental turntablism work with the Vinyl Interventions Trio. Article by Trichia Husholf.

Read in introduction to the article here.

The Coast

June 2009

Featured video to represent Eyelevel Gallery’s “Audio Bathhouse” event (part of the Sound Bytes! Festival) in Halifax’s news site “The Coast”.

Planet S

Sept. 2007

Feature article about my audio, video, performance, and community work in Planet S magazine, written by Caitlyn Ward.

CBC TV’s “Zig-Zag” TV Program

Jan. 2006

Feature television show on my DJing and audio performance practice on French CBC TV’s ZigZag programme by Jennifer Dubé.  Available online.

CBC Radio

Sept. 2005

Interviewed about CONNECT 2005 on CBC Radio.

CKUT Radio

June 2005

Interviewed about various aspects of my multifaceted art practice by Montreal techno DJ Cyan for CKUT Radio.

Ontario Public Television

May 2004

Television appearance on Ontario TV, North Bay, in conjunction with the Phantom Power Festival.


Winter 2003

Local television appearance in conjunction with the Mendel’s Something on Sundays.

Folio Magazine

Summer 2003

Appearance in Folio Magazine: presented by the Mendel Art Gallery.


Autumn 2002

Local television appearance in conjunction with the Mendel’s Something on Sundays.


Video Still Photo Feature on Cover of “El Observator”

Nov 24, 2013

A video still from the “Kisik Acimowina” video that I made with Jason Baerg and Michael Red for the Young Internet Based Artists YIBA pavilion at The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale was featured in an article covering the first international online biennale of art informed by the internet.


“The Best Dressed List: SFDF Runway 2016”

November 2016

Read the article on “Our Collective Muse”.

“Premiere Experimental Video Label Undervolt & Co.’s Fall Release Pack”

October 30, 2015

Read the article on “The Creator’s Project”.