Undervolt & Co. - Fall Collection 2016

Undervolt & Co. Working with Carrie Gates as Social Media Manager

I’m very excited to be taking on a new position with the amazing video art label called Undervolt & Co. The label is run by Yoshi Sodeoka, Rea McNamara, Johnny Woods, and David Quiles Guilló and releases singles and collections of some of the neatest audiovisual art this side of the Universe ;)

Wiki Sprint Sticky Note Timeline of VJing History – Geneva 2010

This is the sticky note timeline we used to organize our information about the history of VJing for the Wiki Sprint at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, May 2010. We rewrote the Wikipedia page on VJing and added photos and an audio recording of the article. See our work here: en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​VJ_%28video_performance_artist%29

Krystallax Invasion Paper Prototype Demo

Video demo of a paper prototype for a video game that I worked on with Ben Whittaker and Mike Sinclair for a computer science class I took at the university on designing, building, and testing video games, using Processing as the language for implementation.