Monad Digital -Hacktist Exhibition in China, 2013

Carrie Gates in “Hacktist” Exhibition in China

I’ve never shown in China before, so I am extra happy about this!

Systaime Alias Michaël Borras and Matthieu Delourme have put together a new net art exhibition “Hacktist” with a website where you can check out all of the work.

Check out my exhibition page in the “Hacktist” exhibtion!

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“Since the invention of the internet, artists have developed forms of interactive creations by, for, and with the network. Yet, some of them sneak directly inside of the network as a virus. They divert websites, software and programs with an artistic purposes. I believe there is a being between the Hacker and Artist, and I propose we call them ”Hacktists”. We play inside of the code, hijacking the internet to create art.”

– Matthieu Delourme

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My submission to the exhibition was a revamped version of Pizzabook’s website, along with a snazzy new Pizzabook promo music video that I created in modul8 and recorded in one take. The music is by YUNG PHARAOH (aka Kevin Carey) from Chicago.

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The exhibition shows in a gallery in China as well. Here are some photos of the gallery event, courtesy of Mattheiu Delourme.



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