"Crazy, Sexy, Cool" exhibition curated by Jennifer Chan

Carrie Gates – New GIF in the “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” exhibition curated by Jennifer Chan

Check out this new web exhibition of .gif art put together by Jennifer Chan called “Crazy, Sexy, Cool”!

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GIF Wrapping 2013 - Icon for Carrie Gates'GIF to Carlos Saez

GIF Wrapping 2013

Here’s a bit of seasonal cheer for you: the 2013 annual GIF Wrapping event, hosted by Anthony Antonellis.

119 artists were assigned a “Secret Santa” type of role to another artist – every person made a unique .gif animation for the person that they were assigned.

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Second Life Screenshot in Star Trek by Carrie Gates

Carrie Gates’s Screenshot Art Featured in The Creators Project: New Media Artists Pay Tribute To The Star Trek Universe With Screenshots:TNG

One of the Star Trek Second Life screenshots I made for the most awesome group on facebook (#Screenshots ★ TNG, run by Anthony Antonellis) is featured on The Creators Project!

Monad Digital -Hacktist Exhibition in China, 2013

Carrie Gates in “Hacktist” Exhibition in China

I’ve never shown in China before, so I am extra happy about this!

Systaime Alias Michaël Borras and Matthieu Delourme have put together a new net art exhibition “Hacktist” with a website http://www.monaddigital.net/ where you can check out all of the work.

Check out my exhibition page in the “Hacktist” exhibtion!

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Pizzabook Promo Video 2013

New Pizzabook Promo Video: “Pizzabook turns your facebook into pizza”

Hey hey heyyyy!  I finally made a promo video for my Pizzabook project!  The ever-so-wonderous YUNG PHARAOH made the soundtrack for the video, which I recorded in one take in modul8 :)

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Behind the scenes at The Light Painting Project - Photo by Carrie Gates

Behind the Scenes at The Light Painting Project

I took some photos at the shoot for The Light Painting Project that I did with a great team of people from the local fashion community.  I took all of these photos inbetween the “official” shots, which you can see here.

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Light Painting Project - November 2013 - Mark Tiu, Laurie Brown, Carrie Gates, Lisa Hallam, Alicia Soulier, Zoë Pattenden

The Light Painting Project

I had the pleasure of recently working with a group of really talented folks from the fashion industry at an experimental light painting fashion shoot the other day.

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SKYLAB Event Flyer by Kirsten Mayoh

Carrie Gates VJing at SKYLAB event with Max Ulis!

I will be VJing at an upcoming SKYLAB event in Saskatoon, come check it out! :D

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Technoscience and Participation: Art, Literature and the Social Web

Carrie Gates Screened at Simon Fraser University for “Technoscience and Participation: Art, Literature and the Social Web”

My friend Erik Rzepka is doing a talk at the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University called “Technoscience and Participation: Art, Literature and the Social Web” on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013. He will be screening my Pizzabook promo video and the Ectocism video I made with Jon Vaughn.

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New GIF by Carrie Gates Shown at “LIQUIDATION: Lancement du no. 28 // Launch of issue 28 : Gender(ed) Cultures on the Internet”

My friend Jennifer Chan is hosting a fundraising event for her upcoming issue of DPI magazine with Studio XX in Montréal. She asked me to submit a .gif for her all-night .gif projections and I am really happy to participate in this, it’s got a great lineup and looks like a phenomenal time!

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El Observator - The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale

“Kisik Acimowina” video still featured in Uruguay’s “El Observador” article on The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale”

A video still from a recent project I completed with Jason Baerg and Michael Red was just featured in a newspaper article in Uruguay!

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Kisik Acimowina - By Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Michael Red, 2013

Kisik Acimowina – by Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Michael Red

Video by Carrie Gates
Illustrations by Jason Baerg
Sound by Michael Red

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Ectocism - By Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn

Ectocism – Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn

Video by Carrie Gates
Sound by Jon Vaughn
Illustrations by Jon and Carrie

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The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, 2013

Carrie Gates Videos Screened at The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale

I am insanely excited about today’s launch of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale!!!!!! It is a maaajor international net art exhibition that features several different curated web pavilions with a huge array of megafresh new digital artwork ranging from gifs to video art to nu skool websites and then some. There is sooooooooo much stuff to see!!! Two new video projects of mine are featured in Anthony Antonellis‘ pavilion “Young Internet Based Artists“, which launches Monday, November 4, 2013.

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Carrie Gates - SLIMED


For Hallowe’en this year, I decided to go as a person who got slimed in the library scene in Ghostbusters. I made a slime headpiece, shoulderpad, and velcro floating blob to complete the look.

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Crystalscape - Video Still by Carrie Gates

Crystalscape – Silent VJ Clip by Carrie Gates

This is a silent video that I created from glitching 3D parameters on a simple white palm tree cutout shape. I use these silent videos as layers in my live video mixing performances.

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Blue Marble 3D Video Still by Carrie Gates

Marble Mix #3 – Silent Video Clip by Carrie Gates

This is a silent video clip I made by animating marble textures and messing with 3D parameters in modul8. I use it as a layer in my live video mixing performances.

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VAMPIRE BEAT 2013 at Paved Arts

VJ Carrie Gates performing at VAMPIRE BEAT

Get your costume and your dancing shoes ready because PAVED Arts and BlackFlash Magazine are bringing back Saskatoon’s favorite Halloween video dance party! With our always legendary costume contest, huge prizes, and performances from Helium3, Ravewind, DJ Market Mall, VJ Carrie Gates and many more, this is the Halloween event everyone will be talking about.

It’s all happening Saturday October 26th upstairs in the PAVED Arts event space. Tickets are $20 and doors open at 9PM.


19+ Photo ID Required


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Glitch Symposium Demo Video Still by Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn

Video Demo Clip by Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn: V4.1 for “ģ̶Ł̶1ɫ̶Cʮ̶_Δ┌┼ \/\/\/\/\/\/!┬ jonCates”

Brief demo of work for performance at Neutral Ground (Regina) as part of “ģ̶Ł̶1ɫ̶Cʮ̶_Δ┌┼ \/\/\/\/\/\/!┬ jonCates”(Glitch Symposium with Jon Cates)

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Glitch Art with jonCates at Neutral Ground, 2013

ģ̶Ł̶1ɫ̶Cʮ̶_Δ┌┼ \/\/\/\/\/\/!┬ jonCates AKA: Glitch Art with jonCates

Jon Vaughn and I are really excited to be going to Regina this weekend to do a short audiovisual performance at Neutral Ground as part of a Glitch Art Symposium with jonCates. I have wanted to meet jonCates for a long time now, so I’m especially glad this is happening so close to Saskatoon.

The lineup for this weekend is incredible – it’s an international group that jonCates has put together whose work spans so many forms and references it is hard to count. Read on to see the whole lineup and a little treat from Jon and I!

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Gucci Flameglitch - Silent Video Clip by Carrie Gates

Gucci Flameglitch – Silent Video Clip by Carrie Gates

This is a silent video clip that I made from scratch that I use as a layer in my live video mixing performances.

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Image: Still from "Zodiacal Light" by Leyla Majeri & Katherine Kline (2012)

Carrie Gates Screened at VIVO for QUIET CITY VIDEO BAR

I wish I could be in Vancouver in person for this show at VIVO, curated by my good friend Constantine Katsiris!

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Peachtone Demo - Video Still by Carrie Gates

Peachtone Demo – Video by Carrie Gates and Sound by Jon Vaughn

Sound-reactive audiovisual demo with video by Carrie Gates and improvised vocals by Jon Vaughn.

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Carrie Gates Portrait by Lizzy McQuire

Portrait of Carrie Gates by Quire Elizabeth!

Here’s a cute digital makeover my facebook friend Lizzy McQuire made of me the other day!

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Carrie Gates - Rainbow Goth

Rainbow Goth Selfie Shoot

O forgive me universe, I have posted a selfie shoot.

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Video still from "A portrait of a portrait of a portrait of NN" - Carrie Gates, 2013

Video by Carrie Gates: “A portrait of a portrait of a portrait of NN”

The images for this work were created in 2003 for a project where Carrie used a piece of OS9 software art by Adrian Ward called “A portrait of Netochka Nezvanova” to create a generative video collage of a collection of over 10 000 .psd files Carrie had prepared on the topic of “cyberculture”. This video is the remix, prepared in Feb. 2013 for an online exhibition by Ellectra Radikal and Systaime Alias Michael Borras at cupcake.spamm.fr/.

Video mix recorded live by Carrie Gates.
“Quetzalcoatl” soundtrack by Zebbler Encanti Experience (Willy Whompa Remix)


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Omniocity Pop Quiz Interview – March 6, 2013

Article in Omniocity about Pop Quiz Records!

Here’s a great article in Omniocity (Saskatoon based indie music blog) where Chris Morin interviews Jon Vaughn, the director of Pop Quiz.


Pop Quiz is a independent electronic music label out of Saskatoon that I am the webmistress for :)


SPAMM CUPCAKE online exhibition homepage

VJ Carrie Gates part of SPAMM CUPCAKE exhibition

It’s hard to know where to start in describing this exhibition!  So much great work from over 50 different international digital media artists!!!  IT’S NUTS!!!!

Check out the online exhibition here: http://cupcake.spamm.fr/

You can also see my video here: https://vimeo.com/60060673

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VJ Carrie Gates screened at “I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT A GLITCH AIN’T ONE”

I am really happy that Jennifer Chan curated a couple of my video pieces for inclusion in her event at Spark Video in Syracuse, NY!

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Carrie Gates performing at Surround Sound - An Audiovisual Concert at Paved Arts

Carrie Gates performing at Surround Sound – An Audiovisual Concert at Paved Arts

I’m doing a live video mixing performance with members of the Saskatoon Symphony at Paved Arts on March 22. The players will be performing a work by Jeff Morton called “The Old Cause”. Last time Paved and the Symphony put on an event like this the tickets sold out quickly, so get your tickets sooner than later if you want to attend! :)

Event lising on Paved Arts’ website: http://www.pavedarts.ca/2013/surround-sound/

facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/281805895283083/

UPDATE: Tickets are sold out!

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Carrie Gates Interviewed in Flow Magazine

Carrie Gates Interviewed in Flow Magazine

Today an article about some interesting and unique women in Saskatoon came out in Flow magazine, there is a short article about me in there, check it out! :D

See page 15 of their e-version for the whole story! http://www.issuu.com/flow_magazine_saskatoon/docs/flow_march_all_final

TUSK - The Rain Keeps Falling Down - Music Video Still by VJ Carrie Gates, 2013

My new music video for TUSK is featured on VICE Germany’s NOISEY SITE!!!

I am really excited about the launch of this new video project I just completed. NOISEY is a music website out of Berlin for VICE magazine that features a lot of cool established and up and coming artist’s work, through music reviews and world premires of music videos.  Thanks to Nadja Sayej, NOISEY picked up the new music video I did for TUSK and launched it on their site.

Check it out on NOISEY 


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Stabmaster Chewchain - Video still by VJ Carrie Gates

Stabmaster Chewchain – Silent VJ Clip by Carrie Gates

This is a silent VJ clip that I use in my live mixes when I perform. This clip stars Stabmaster as the glamourpuss on the chayyn. Made with modul8.

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Dimension - Video by Carrie Gates with Sound by Jon Vaughn

Dimension – Video by Carrie Gates with Sound by Jon Vaughn

Video mixed and recorded live by VJ Carrie Gates
Music by Jon Vaughn
December 2012

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Pizzabook interface for the GLI.TC/H Festival 2013 in Chicago

I made a PIZZABOOK custom interface for the GLI.TC/H Festival Website

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Rhianna Diamonds - ca$hpunk remix video by VJ Carrie Gates, 2012

My ca$hpunk video remix of Rhianna’s ‘Diamonds’

Yes, it’s a response to the whole seapunk fiasco.

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Super Mario 2 Glitch Video Still by VJ Carrie Gates

Super Mario 2 Silent 3D glitch videos by Carrie Gates

Here are a couple of silent VJ clips I made that I mix together with other videos when I perform live. I used Super Mario 2 graphics for this set and glitched them up with 3D stuff in modul8.

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Pizzabook turns your facebook into pizza

PIZZABOOK turns your facebook into pizza. Try out my new browser art project!

Pizzabook is a little bit of code that turns the facebook interface on your computer into a crazyyyy pizza animated experience.

Check out the Pizzabook website for download instructions and more info!

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Pop Quiz Presents NEW MODES !!! - poster by Jon Vaughn and Carrie Gates

Carrie Gates VJing at NEW MODES III by Pop Quiz

Another wicked event brought to you by the Pop Quiz music label out of Saskatoon.

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Acid Lemon Video Still by Carrie Gates

Acid Lemon – Video by Carrie Gates with Music by Form (WIll Kaufold)

Video mix by VJ Carrie Gates, sound by Form (Will Kaufold)

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Video Shoot with TUSK and Carrie Gates - Berlin 2012

Music Video Shoot in Berlin with TUSK

I was in Berlin a week ago for a little while and had the pleasure to shoot a music video for TUSK (Benjamin Teicher) at a great little studio that we rented for the occasion.

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Carrie Gates on Swiss TV Talk Show "Meet The Artists" 2012

Carrie Gates Interviewed on Swiss TV Talk Show “Meet The Artists” With Hannes Hug

When I was in Lucerne, Switzerland a few weeks ago performing at the Blue Balls Festival, I was interviewed on a Swiss television talk show called “Meet The Artists” with Hannes Hug. I decided that in order to ease my nerves, I would turn the interview around on him and make the host the star by hijacking the scene and making him act out a video shoot with me. I directed him to pretend he was in a fancy little getup and a pink wig for me and got him to werk it on camera! It was a lot of fun!

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Blue Balls Festival 2012

VJ Carrie Gates Audiovisual Show at the Blue Balls Festival in Luzerne, Switzerland, 2012

Urs Leirier from the Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, commissioned me to create a seven hour HD audiovisual mix. The video was looped for the entire duration of the week-long festival  in the open-air rooftop Video Lounge in the KKL. This respected jazz festival was celebrating not only it’s 20th anniversary, but also the attendance of over 100 000 people. I commissioned DJs to create custom mixes for me to use in the project, including Sarah AdorableDreamaniacCheeky, Helium 3, DJ Mehta, and Dr. J.

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Pop Quiz Festival of Experimental and Electronic Arts - 2012

Pop Quiz Festival of Experimental and Electronic Arts – VJ Carrie Gates and Peter Quistgard

Great show organized by Jon Vaughn from Pop Quiz Records!

Friday July 13 2012
Beaumont Film & Records/Underground Cafe
430 20th St W

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Interview in Nightlife.ca: “VJ Carrie Gates remixes rave culture at Sight & Sound Festival”

Lucinda Catchlove interviewed me this May for Nightlife.ca, a music review magazine out of Montréal. when Jon Vaughn and I performed at the Sight & Sound Festival organized by Eastern Bloc.

Read the interview!

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Sight & Sound Festival - Montreal 2012

VJ Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn Live at the Sight & Sound Festival in Montreal


promo video: https://vimeo.com/42419650

festival photo album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.366177213430324.77158.100001141442184&type=1

More info coming soon!

Video still of Sarah Adorable by VJ Carrie Gates

Begging – Music video by VJ Carrie Gates for Mz Sunday Luv and Geiger

Mz Sunday Luv approached me to work with her on a music video for her and Berlin-based artist Geiger. We used some video I created from shoots with Sarah Adorable from Scream Club. I am really happy with how it all fit together!

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VJ Carrie Gates and DJ Jon Vaughn – Spring Mini Mix Video on YouTube and Vimeo

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Eat Your Art Out Judy Garland Festival 2012

VJ Carrie Gates – Artist Talk at Eat Your Art Out, Judy Garland Festival – Saskatoon

The Visual Arts Night will feature artist talks by renowned artists Levi Nicholat, Carrie Gates & Zachari Logan as well as an exhibition of works by 15 emerging artists. Starts at 7:00pm and donations graciously accepted. Free snacks and wine for purchase available.

Meet local artists and support your arts community by attending. This event is a part of the Eat Your Art Out, Judy Garland! festival organized by The Avenue Community Centre in conjunction with the Rainbow Explorations Series organized by the USSU Pride Centre.

Festival Passports ($10) give you free or discounted entry to all festival events and free cover to both 302 Lounge & Discotheque and Diva’s Private Club during the duration of the festival! www.eyaojudy.wordpress.com

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ANTI-GRAVITY Poster - Boxing Day 2011 - Saskatoon, SK, Canada - Design by Carrie Gates

VJ Carrie Gates – Live at ANTI-GRAVITY by Enchanted Groove

ANTI-GRAVITY was a crazy space-themed event in Saskatoon on Boxing Day of 2011 that I helped put on with my ultra-special team, Enchanted Groove.

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